Perfectly Preserved Corn Scrapbook Page

Perfectly Preserved Corn Scrapbook Page

Remember the other day when I said was going to can salsa and freeze corn with a friend?  Believe it or not, I’ve already scrapbooked the corn part of the day!  I had so much fun pulling out the new Perfectly Preserved stamp set with the ear of corn in it.

As you know, I really like to make my photos the center of attention and use the stamps and accessories as accents.  I guess I’m a little crazy with the picture taking sometimes.  I will admit the little girl watching me take a close up of the ear of corn gave me a funny look!
I look forward to making this layout with the scrap club members next Monday!  I know not everyone has pictures of  freezing corn but there are a bunch of different occasions you could use this layout for.   Think events like family picnics, eating corn on the cob, even Thanksgiving!
Thank you for stopping by to visit today!  I look forward to making some more scrapbook pages today!


  1. Seriously cute idea!!!!!! WTG!! Well done. Love the enlarged corn pictures, great concept.

  2. Pictures speak for themselves and by the look of these, everyone was having so much fun working together as a team. Treasure all of your memories. Great job Becky.

  3. Wonderful! Looks exciting!

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