Plaid Tidings & Love of Leaves

Plaid Tidings & Love of Leaves

I need to keep this short and sweet today, but I wanted to make sure I get this great fall card out for you to see.  It’s so fun with the plaid DSP and the leaves.I thought of You card

Do you like it?  That yellow plaid is great!


  1. Thank you for sharing your “Plaid Tidings & Love of Leaves”, as you know I live in the south and not in the mountain area of the south.Becky, Jolea, Betsy, Sarah and Nancy send me the most beautiful fall foliage, including today’s share from Becky and the most gorgeous flowers and pictures of their children enjoying themselves all year long. I am so thankful for all the sharing as we didn’t have a good summer for flowers because of the extreme temperatures. As far as beautiful colored leaves in the fall, not unless we travel to the mountains, we do not see many in the city. The yellow plaid in today’s card is beautiful and makes the other colors stand out great.I like the 3-d leaves better than I would if they were flat. The bow string makes everything come together perfectly. Send me a fall carding time of year and it will not only be appreciated, but displayed also. Thank you Becky for sending this fall card today. ( :

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