Quick Handmade Cookie Packaging

Quick Handmade Cookie Packaging

Micah and I tried something new last Friday, decorating cookies with Royal icing.  What fun!  We needed to take a dessert for an event and we decided to get creative with it.

We had some cookies leftover after the event, so I decided to use those for an award I had promised to my Sunday School class.  So, in typical fashion, I decided on Sunday morning that they needed some handmade packaging (after all, they were to be taken home to be consumed).  So, I hurried to package them up.

Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture of the whole pile, and the one I did get a picture of doesn’t have the prettiest cookie . . . but you’ll get the idea.Cookie packaging

Simple and quick, just what I needed for this last minute project.  Doesn’t the cookie kind of remind you of a bird’s nest?

Can I brag on my son though, and show one more cookie picture?

Homemade CookiesThere were over 50 cookies, each with a unique, handmade design.  How’s that for creativity?!

Micah is going to be setting up at an event in April, trying to sell some of his handmade goodies.  We’re anxious to see how it goes!   I have a feeling he may be incorporating some Stampin’ Up! into his packaging!  I’ll share pictures!


  1. Thank you and Micah for sharing the “Quick Handmade Cookie Packaging”. I think I want cookies for breakfast. They are beautiful Micah and you will have a sell out for sure. Great job Micah.

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