Scrap Ribbon Christmas Tree

Scrap Ribbon Christmas Tree

Do you have scraps of ribbon lying around?  Here’s a fun Christmas idea for you!  Pull out those scraps, find a couple sticks outside and make some fun Christmas ornaments!

Ribbon Christmas Tree

I saw this idea on Pinterest and decided to give it a try.   I just went through my ribbon scraps and tied some onto a stick which we picked up on the trail near our house.  I trimmed up the ribbons, hot glued some twine and a bow to the top, and there you go, a Christmas Tree Ornament!

I did do one other step which it didn’t look like others were doing on Pinterest.  My ribbons didn’t necessarily want to go in the directions I was trying to make them go, so I used glue dots to attach the ends and keep them in place.

This little tree has already been given away, but I hope to make some more!  I’ll have to take pictures and show you the ones my middle son made too.

It’s Saturday!  Are you as excited as I am for the weekend?!  Our Christmas Cookie Day is today(after Tech Club) and I can’t wait!!  I’m sure you’ll be seeing pictures!    Happy weekend!

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