Scrapbook Pages for Expedition Everest

Scrapbook Pages for Expedition Everest

Expedition Everest deserves its own scrapbook layout after I stood there taking pictures of every single group that went through the ride, in an effort to make sure I caught a picture of Micah on it.  Thankfully, since you can easily zoom in on pictures on the iPhone, we were able to find the pictures I took that had Micah in them!  So, after all that, it needs a scrapbook layout!

At this point, Micah is the only one who finds roller coasters fun.  I think Ethan may get that way, but for now, Micah is on his own for those rides (at least the big ones, the rest of us did venture on a couple smaller ones)!  Thankfully, he doesn’t seem to mind.

I’ve kept this layout pretty simple but I think it will work for a variety of pictures.

This layout could easily be used for hiking pictures, vacation pictures, camping, even flying over the mountains.

I look forward to seeing the pictures Scrap Club members choose to use with this layout!

Thank you for coming by to visit!

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