Scrapbook Pages for Scrapbook Club

Stampin' Up Baroque Motifs stamp set

I’m excited to have the scrapbook layouts ready for Scrap Club a week and a half early!  That’s very impressive for me!

Touch a snake?

Back in April we had the ladies from Wildlife Adventures some to share with the children in our Awana and teach them about the Fruit of the Spirit.  The highlight of their visit is always the big snake.  Yuck!  Jaan was smart and used one finger to touch the snake so briefly that Mom couldn’t even snap the pictures fast enough to catch it.  Micah went a bit farther and had the snake put across his shoulders.

Sprial Punch

Ethan, well, he went all out.  He had it around his neck and was petting it – thrilled to death.  Can you see his little grin around the flash from the camera?  Silly boy!  You’ll be proud of me, I stood there taking pictures not stressing out over it.  I really don’t like snakes!  (Yes, I have touched one before though – I was forced to in front of the whole 5th grade class I was student teaching for…)

Race for Education

This layout is for the Race for Education at Micah’s school.  This is one of the biggest fundraisers for Shrewsbury Christian Academy where he attends.

Triple Layer Punch

The kids get people to sponsor them to run/walk for an hour at the local park.  The track was quite large this year but Micah did well.

11 laps

He made it around the track 11 times!  He got a rubber band on his wrist for each lap making it easy to keep track.

Thank you for stopping by today!  I was hoping to have these up a bit earlier, however, the electricity went out for 3 hours last evening. . .   We even had to finish up our Stampin’ Technique Club by candlelight!


  1. Great pages! Love the kids expressions! We just keep on stampin’ under any conditions!

  2. Lovely layouts!! I love that your son’s school has them starting on community service at this age.
    Is the “triple punch” used in this layout from the summer mini?

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