Sending Sympathy and Prayers

Sending Sympathy and Prayers

Sadly, I find myself in need of a sympathy card this week.  One of our stamping friends, Sandra, passed away on Saturday and then her mother passed away just two days later.
Petite Pairs stamp set

Sympathy cards are always good to have on hand.  It’s never the type of card we want to think about needing, but when we do need it, we don’t always have a lot of advance warning.

Thank you for taking the time to come by and visit today!


  1. Dear Becky, I was saddened to hear of you losses. Please know how very sorry I am. When the Lord calls our loved ones home, He leaves a gift of memories in exchange.” Sending Sympathy and Prayers” is a beautiful card that one could hold and think about the special person who took time enough to send them something very special. When my Mom passed recently, it was very hard for me, but then I found my friend across the street, she was all alone and I can’t express the feelings and what I was going through. One person sent me a sympathy card, and I knew at least one person cared.

  2. Sharon Hartsman

    I would love to know what the stamp set used was and the colors of ink and paper
    I find it frustratin to see these beautiful cards and not know how they were made.
    Sharon Hartsman

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