Sharing Jaan’s Creativity for Leader Appreciation

Sharing Jaan’s Creativity for Leader Appreciation

My children attend Awana at our church, and my husband and I work with the Awana program.  Last evening was Leader Appreciation Night and I wanted to share what my my middle son, Jaan, made for his leaders.

Jaan asked me to show him where the t-shirt dies were before I went to take my Sunday afternoon nap yesterday.  He was planning to make a little something for his leaders.  I showed him the dies and then went to lie down.  Apparently he got pretty busy while I was sleeping!  When I came back down, he showed me this.

In Awana they wear uniform shirts and this looks like the shirt for his class!  He made one of these for each of the leaders in his class and then wrote a little message on the back.  Supper cute!

He told me he made something for me as well, but didn’t want to show it to me at that time.

I work the check-in desk at Awana,   On a normal night I’m asking them if they have certain items and then they get “Awana Bucks” for having the things they need.  At different times throughout the year, the kids are given the opportunity to use their Awana Bucks to purchase items from the “store.”

When Jaan came to check in, he laid this on the table.

This is his version of 5 Awana Bucks!  He did such a good job and had me laughing – I love it!  This is about the size of a business card and he wrote a nice little message on the back.  (The real thing does have a dog in the middle with it’s tongue hanging out, just in case you’re wondering.)

I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing the creativity from Jaan today!  I look forward to seeing several of you in classes tomorrow for the Stamp of the Month, Step It Up, and Lighthouse Decor classes!


  1. You know the saying ” The apple didn’t fall from the tree’? Well it looks as if Jaan didn’t. I think he did a super job with” Sharing Jaan’s Creativity for Leader Appreciation” creative T-shirt and Card. Thank you for sharing Jaan’s Creativity with everyone. Have a great day.

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