Simple Real Red Christmas Card

Handmade Christmas Card

This is one of the Christmas cards we will be making at the last Christmas Card class tonight.  Can you believe it’s the last night already?!  Yikes, that means we’re supposed to be getting these things ready to mail!

Simple and Easy

This is such a simple and easy card, but as often happens, simple has it’s own sort of elegance.

See some of you at class tonight!


  1. This is great, Becky! I love the ‘falling’ affect of the snowflake with the stamped image above it! So clever! Sad our classes are nearly over, but so looking forward to one more evening! 🙂

  2. cant wait to make this card tonight!! its simple but beautiful!

  3. Love this one! I like the idea of switching white and red–red snowflake on white background. Wouldn’t it work reversed, too?

  4. Howd you do this???

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