Sloppy Joe Ethan Scrapbook Pages

2-page scrapbook layoutDon’t you just love that messy little face, at least until it has to be cleaned up!  This is my littlest thoroughly enjoying sloppy joes, BBQ chips and a lollipop.  When you have one messy food you might as well get all the messy stuff out!

This is another scrapbook layout we’ll be making for Scrap Club on Monday night.  There will be a choice in the color circles, just in case someone would rather use Bordering Blue circles instead of Pretty in Pink.  Normally I wouldn’t use pink on the page (because the pictures are of a boy), however, because of his pink lollipop I thought it carried on the theme.

Obviously the Whisper White piece of cardstock will eventually be used for journaling but as usual, I havn’t gotten there yet.  Eventually . . . .  I am heading home tomorrow (I’m currently in Florida) and I’ll come up with the other page in the next couple days.

I hope you’re having a wonderful week!


  1. I really like this scrapbook page. The pink circles really finish the look.

  2. Who could resist a face like that? Memories like this one are so fun to show when he is grown. The smile on his face is enough to let one know he is having a ball. Great idea and job well done Becky. I hope Andrew’s Dr. visit went well yesterday. Give my love to your Family, Grandma Sheila

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