Snow Place Scrapbook Pages

Snow Place Scrapbook Pages

I was very excited to have a snow day yesterday . . . and therefore an entire day at home!  Unfortunately, it meant we did not hold Stamp of the Month classes, but I know we’ll be able to make that up soon.

In honor of the snowy occasion, I pulled out some pictures from past snow days and went to work scrapbooking.Snow Scrapbook page

I used some of our Sale-A-Bration Artistic DSP and the Snow Place stamp set.  I love scrapbooking on snowy days!  Sitting in a warm house, crafting, and watching the beautiful flakes fall to a snowy ground – love it!

Scrapbooking with Snow Place Stamp Set

The Snow Place snowmen begged to go on this layout.  I’m afraid the pictures I used didn’t include any snowmen, but you can see my little guys as they watched out the window as Daddy shoveled.
Snowy scrapbook pages

Scrapbooking Club is coming on Monday!  This is one of three layouts we will be making.  Tomorrow I will show you the second layout, the third . . . is still to be created!

If you would like to join us for Scrapbooking or learn more about what we do, please contact me!

Have a wonderful day!


  1. “Snow Place Scrapbook Pages” always bring back memories when I could actually play in the snow. I love the way that you have your photo’s displayed in your scrap book. I think the little mittens are perfect for this presentation. Thank you for sharing and if you get to much sno, send some my way, I would be a happy camper then.

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