Snowy Stampin’ Up! Trees

Snowy Stampin’ Up! Trees

Snowy Trees

The Christmas Decor class had a blast last evening making these snow trees.  Each one is so different and lovely!  I wish we could have added all the trees we’ve made in previous sessions, we would have a whole forest!

Snowy Tree

Here’s a close-up view of mine.   This tree, along with 4 beautiful handmade ornaments makes for one fun class!  Thank you to all who have attended!

Happy day-before-Thanksgiving!  It’s time for some cleaning and cooking around here!


  1. Such a fun class last evening! Very thankful for creative friends and fun evenings such as that!

  2. Good Morning Becky,
    Yesterday was a BLAST! Thanks again for all the GREAT projects….
    Wishing you and your family a very Happy Thanksgiving!!!

  3. Yes they were fun to make and oh so pretty, but next time I’ll use a thimble to push in the pins!

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