Spring Decor Class Projects

Spring Decor Class Projects

I thought you might like to see two of the Spring Decor projects that have been made here recently.  Sadly, I do not have pictures of all the projects, but I did remember to get pictures of two.

Aren’t those some super cute Grand Cats?  What a cute gift this is going to make!


Here’s another great variation!  This is going to look great hanging in their home.

I love the way these projects reflect the person who made them.  It’s always so much fun for me to create a project like this and then see the unique variations that spin off from it!

Thank you for coming by to visit today.  I’ve been creating a lot of new projects this week and I look forward to sharing them with you soon!


  1. Becky, First of all, I would like to thank you and the Ladies who shared their gorgeous work that they did in the” Spring Decor Class Projects” Class. I know that everyone who made their personal version of the “Spring Decor”, did an exemplary job taking the photographs also. The Grand Cats are so beautiful and I bet they are spoiled. Were the flowers pre-made or did each person make their own? Either way, they are perfect. I wish I lived closer because I could sure need some lessons in making the things you teach in your classes. I knit, crochet, counted cross stitch, make braided rugs and sew. When it comes to all of the card making and such, I’m just about lost. Have a great day.

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