Stampin' in Baldwin, MD

STampin' Up! eventI had the opportunity to stamp  with a great group of ladies in Baldwin, MD today.  These are the very ladies who got me into stamping to begin with!  I always love going back to stamp with them!

I tried something different with the Stamping event in Baldwin, MDladies today.  I had stamps, ink and punches out so the ladies who came 10-15 minutes before the party began were able to make Christmas gift tags until time to begin.  The ladies were very enthusiastic about making their tags and this allowed us to get started right on time.

If my hostesses between now and Christmas are agreeable, I am going to offer the Christmas tag making before each of my parties this fall.  It’s always fun to make a Stampin' Up! Christmas Stampinglittle something extra and helps everyone get there in time to begin as scheduled!  Once I have agreement from my hostesses (just want to make sure they don’t mind people coming a little early) they’ll let those attending know about the extra stamping time.  I hope many of you will be able to attend a party this fall and take advantage of it!

As a bit of a side note, did I tell you that the MS Society contacted me about doing a special craft with them in York in November?  I am very much looking forward to this opportunity!

I am always looking for chances to get out in the community and stamp whether it’s in the schools or nursing homes, individual homes or community activities.  If you have an event you’re planning, why not contact me and see if we can come up with a special project to do?  Stamping can be done over a lunch break or after a meal, during break or after school.  Where can you fit in a little stamping?

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