Stampin' Jewelry with Rustic Rooster

Pick a Petal Handmade NecklaceMy nieces and I have been creating again!  Perhaps some of you have seen the necklace I wear at times that I stamped with the Pick a Petal stamp set or perhaps you attended the Christmas gift class last year when we made this same necklace.

These necklaces are a lot of fun to make with Shrinky Dink and Stazon Ink.  You can find Shrinky Dink at craft stores such as Michael’s.  Stampin’ Up! used to sell Shrinky Dink at one point, however, we no longer carry it.  I decided to help my nieces make Rustic Rooster Handstamped Necklacethemselves each a necklace.  The process is very simple, you stamp with Stazon Ink onto Shrinky Dink that is three times the size you want the finished product to be.

It is very important to let the Stazon dry totally and then do any cutting or punching that needs to be done before shrinking.  You’ll need to be sure to punch a hole where you Flower Fancy Stamp Set Handmade Necklaceintend to attach the charm to the necklace too.  It’s also important to think ahead and make the hole large enough that once it shrinks to a third it’s originally size the hole is still big enough for what you need.

It is possible to use a heat tool to shrink the plastic but I have found it does not always heat evenly therefore allowing the plastic to double over and stick to itself so I personally prefer to use the oven.  Simply follow the instructions on the Shrinky Dink package to shrink it.

On my necklace you’ll notice I used a Designer Filigree Brad in the center of the flower.  In order to do that I had to punch a hole in the center of the flower before I shrunk the plastic.

My nieces made some necklaces today using the same methods.  One of the girls chose to use the retired stamp set Rustic Rooster while the other chose to use Flower Fancy for her necklace. Didn’t they do a great job?!  I can’t wait to see them wearing their new handmade and handstamped necklaces to church tomorrow morning!

Just wait until you see the new mini catalog . . . you’ll be excited about some more jewelry options there!


  1. Don’t my children create such beautiful things with the help of my sister?!!

  2. They just really do!!! So, when are they going into business?

  3. I love the jewelry! Can’t wait to try my own….I’ve pictured the purple colored brad in the center of the flowers and in the rooster stamp.
    What new mini catalog?!?! YAHOO!
    Let’s stamp it all!

  4. These are awesome! I have to try one some day for my grandgirls(3). They will love them! Good job!!

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