Stampin’ Up! 50/50 Board – Put Your Name on There!

Stampin’ Up! 50/50 Board – Put Your Name on There!

This picture may or may not look exciting to you.  There isn’t a really a lot to it . . . unless you take note of the new punch shape, then it may be very exciting!  This is the new Artisan Label Punch which will be available in the new Idea Book & Catalog next week.

Would you like to see what I’ve done with the new punched shapes?Buy Stampin' Up! and you may win $50 in product!

I punched 50 of them  and put them on Rich Razzelberry card stock inside a 12×12 frame.  Why?

I am trying hard to meet a goal of earning a free trip for my husband and I to San Diego with Stampin’ Up! this fall.  I am slightly over 90% of the way there and I have until the last day of June to complete my goal.  I would like to offer a little something to those of you who help me get there!  This is called a 50/50 Board.  Here’s how it works:

For each $50.00 worth of merchandise that you purchase (all at one time) beginning today, your name will be placed on one punched shape.  If you purchase $100.00 your name will go on the board two times and so on.  You can purchase $50 now and $50 next week, each time your name will go on the board until it is filled, there is no limit to the number of times your name may appear on the board.

Once the board is filled, one name will be randomly chosen from the board to receive $50 in free Stampin’ Up! merchandise of their choice.  If we can fill the board before June 30, each person with their name on the board will receive a small gift from me!

To participate, you can place an order at, at the New Book Party, in person, by email, using this link to Contact Me with your order or booking your own party and placing an order there.

Will your name appear on this board?


  1. What a great idea Becky. Good luck getting the 50/50 board filled and then some. You deserve a trip with your family to San Diego. Thanks for sharing.

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