Stampin’ Up! Hospitality Room

Stampin’ Up! Hospitality Room

One of the fun parts of the Disney trip was visiting the Stampin’ Up! Hospitality room each day!  I usually checked in there after breakfast in the mornings.

Each day we had to the chance to spin the prize wheel one time.  Of course my children caught on quickly and enjoyed spinning for me!  There was always a prize or two waiting – usually new goodies that will be coming out in the next catalog!!


There were several spots set up like this where you could sit and chat with other demonstrators but I’m afraid life was quite busy with little time for me to sit around!

For some reason my children didn’t mind coming along when I went to the Hospitality Room.  Hmmm, any idea why?  Candy dishes like these were spread throughout the room for the taking.  The boys also received gifts for collecting character signatures like Disney pins, tattoos and pencils.

We were each given the opportunity to submit a wish.  On the last evening Shelli (co-founder and CEO) granted some wishes from this board.  How wonderful to hear the wishes they are granting!  I can’t imagine being on the team who had to choose the wishes to grant – they certainly chose some wonderful people and causes to support, some with craft supplies and some monetarily!

Here I am with Ethan, next to a Carousel Horse in the Hospitality Room.

I have so many pictures I want to share with you but I’ll close with this one for today.  I can’t resist sharing, it’s just so very cute!  Ethan met one of the Green Army Men from Toy Story 3  while we were at Hollywood Studios.  (Yes, that is a real person in a costume.)  I told Ethan to salute and this is what he did.  Too cute!  Oh, and how did the soldier sign his autograph?  “Green Amy Man”

For those of you who guessed Epcot yesterday – you’re right!  The pictures was taken of the big ball at Epcot!  Such fun texture – perfect for a background picture on a scrapbook page.

That’s all for today.  I hope you’re enjoying all the pictures.  I do promise to get back to projects one of these days but I thought you might enjoy seeing pictures from our trip.


  1. I am almost lost for words. The pictures are beautiful and I can see everyone had a grand time.

  2. I can’t believe the Green Army Man is an actual person! What a costume! And Ethan is so cute! Also, I like the little hand pointing to the candy in your photo. I like the framed DSP in that picture as well. Enjoying your photos!

  3. I’m loving all your wonderful Disney pictures – keep ’em coming!

  4. I tho’t the picture was from Epcot. We saw it about 30 years ago and maybe it’s changed but it sure looked familiar. Looks and sounds like this was a wonderful trip for all your family.

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