Stampin’ Up! Pigment Sprinkles

Stampin’ Up! Pigment Sprinkles

Have you noticed the Pigment Sprinkles in the catalog?  These are similar to the Brusho crystals we used to carry, but I feel like they’re even better!  The bottle design is better and the colors are more in line with our selection of colors.

Check out the background on this card I made to introduce the Pigment Sprinkles to the Tech Club last month.Pigment Sprinkles from Stampin' Up!

What a lovely background!  I really like the way this card turned out.  At first I made the background and I wasn’t sure where to go with it from there.  Then I had the idea for the branch from the Colorful Season stamp set and that worked beautifully!

Thank you for taking time out to stop by today!

A little side note from my family:  This afternoon my older two boys are participating in a Basketball Marathon.  They are each going to take 100 foul shots and see how many make it into the basket.  Thank you to some of you who have volunteered to sponsor them for this marathon!  If anyone else is interested, they are looking for sponsors to pledge 10 cents, 25 cents . . . whatever you like, for each of the 100 shots that makes it into the basket.  This money will go toward their basketball team registration.  (If you don’t like the hassle, donations of “here are $__” work just fine too.)

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