Stampin' Up! Product Shares

Today I don’t have a fun project to share with you, instead I have some wonderful product shares to offer you.  Shares are essentially several people buying items and then sharing them so everyone gets to try the different items without having to purchase large quantities.  The good part is that I divvy it all up for you!

So, I have three different shares all going on at the same time.  You are welcome to participate in just one or all three, whatever you’d like.  Please Contact Me here or by email to participate.  Prices do not include shipping.  If you do not live close to Stewartstown, PA, but you do live in the US, please contact me to find out pricing.  I need at least 5 people to participate in each share.

Neutrals Cardstock Share

With this share you will receive 8 sheets of each of the following colors of cardstock totaling 40 sheets of cardstock in all (the same as buying a full pack of just one of these colors).  You can view them on page 159 of the Idea Book & Catalog.  The total cost to participate in this share (excluding shipping) is $9.68 per person.

  • Naturals White
  • Confetti White
  • Kraft
  • Naturals Ivory
  • Confetti Cream


Specialty Paper

Here are some very special papers that are especially fun to work with!  Next to each kind of cardstock you will see a number in parenthesis.  That number tells you how many pieces of that particular paper you will receive (those numbers are based on dividing a pack between 5 people.)  Once again, you can view these papers on page 159 of the Idea Book & Catalog.  The cost to participate in this share (excluding  shipping from me to you if necessary) is $8.23.

  • Simmery White (2)
  • Brushed Gold (2)
  • Brushed Silver (2)
  • Vellum cardstock (4)
  • Vellum Paper (4)


1 ¼” Striped Grosgrain Ribbon

And we’ve got ribbon which is always a bit hit!  Not everyone likes to receive 10 yards of just one color so this is your chance to get 10 yards of ribbon but it’ll be in the form of 90″ of each of the 4 colors listed below.  The total cost to participate (excluding shipping from me to you if necessary) is $10.44 (the price of just one spool of ribbon!)

  • Pumpkin Pie
  • Chocolate Chip
  • Old Olive
  • Basic Black

I hope you will decide to join in!  I need to have all payments by Saturday, March 6 so I can order the products at that time.  Once the items come in, I’ll split them and then contact you to pick them up (or I’ll get them in the mail to you if you paid for shipping from me to you.)

Be sure to check back tomorrow for a fun and creative something (I don’t know what yet, I have to go create it!)

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