Stamping Blindfolded Scrapbook Pages

Stamping Blindfolded Scrapbook Pages

I can’t record this past Christmas without including a page from our StampThat Christmas Party, specifically, the blindfolded stamping part!  Steph and Teresa did such a great job, they need their own page!Stamping Blindfolded

We are using a few pieces from the Hello December 2015 Project Life Accessory Pack and then a little bit from a My Paper Pumpkin kit, just to add a little extra.  It can be nice to have those kits to pull fun little pieces from!

Stamping Blindfolded Scrapbook Layout

This is a simple layout that will work for any pictures taken around Christmas time.  Every person attending will have different Designer Paper to work with so some may find they have paper that will also work for other occasions if they choose.

Scrapbooking ClassesWould you like to join us for some scrapbooking on Monday, January 18?  Contact Me today for more information!


  1. It is so rare to see ladies having such good healthy fun these days. I took one look at today’s blog and I could almost hear the laughter and talking in the background as the brave blindfolded lady in the photo creates her card to share with everyone. Great job, by the way. A special thank you to Steph and Teresa for sharing their special talent with us. I think they both did a super job. Have a great day. 🙂

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