SU! Scarecrow Treat Box

SU! Scarecrow Treat Box

Our hostess for the Stampin’ Party on Saturday loves to make cute little 3D projects for her students and I wanted to make something extra cute to inspire her.

Would you like to see it?!

Halloween Cookie Cutter stamp etIsn’t he cute?  There is another scarecrow on the back of the box as well.  It is holding to small KitKat bars!  This project is simple and could made even simpler if you choose one of the other Cookie Cutter stamps that doesn’t plead to be colored like the scarecrow does.  I made a reindeer box too, I’ll have to share that another day.

I’m working on the Advent Calendar class, I will plan to share it with you tomorrow.  I can tell you now, you’re going to want to check your calendar and find a date to attend this class!  Cute!!

Have a wonderful day!


  1. Love the Scarecrow Treat box Becky, great idea and thank you for sharing.

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