Tart & Tangy Glass of Limeade

Tart & Tangy stamp set

I’m excited to share this glass of nice cool limeade with you!  Doesn’t it look refreshing?  Can you imagine giving/receiving this for a picnic invitation.  Wouldn’t that be so much fun?!  I think I could drink a glass of limeade right now as i type.  So yummy!

The Tart & Tangy stamp set which I used for this card is one of the retiring stamp sets which is available only until the end of the month.

Thank you for stopping by!  I hope you have enjoyed this refreshing card!


  1. The card is beautiful…looks so real

  2. Terrific!

  3. So imaginative!!! I love it!!

  4. Showed my Dad this card and he suggested spritzing it with ‘lime-aid’ scent! He sniffed the card because it looked so real and thought it should smell like lime-aid 🙂

  5. Any instructions for making this card?

  6. Wow! This card is absolutely amazing!

  7. Linda Dudukovich

    Can you share the instructions and supplies you used for this card?

  8. Can you please email the instructions on hit to make this card?

  9. Rosann Elsbury

    We’re there instructions for this card? Love to do this at my Cards & Cocktails night!

  10. Love this card, as with the others, would love the intructions on how you made this card. thanks, Linda

  11. How in the world did I miss the “Tart & Tangy Glass of Limeade”? It looks so real, I just want to sit back and slowly sip and enjoy the limeade in the summer sunshine. Great job Becky and have a wonderful day.

  12. I just love this card. Any chance you have instructions on how to make it?

  13. Denise Fergusond

    How did you attach the vellum edges to the card so perfexctly? Awesome card!

  14. Just found this card; any chance to get the directions?

  15. I would love to have help with this card – attaching the vellum in particular. Can’t come up with it unless the bottom of the glass is open.

    This card is so cute and so creative. I love it! Beautiful work.

  16. Becky,

    They say imitation is the best form of flattery. Judging by the number of people asking for instructions, I’d say you are well flattered. This card is adorable! It seems you have a lot of requests for the instructions for this card. I haven’t seen any. Are you emailing them to the “requesters” individually?
    In that case, could you please email me the instructions to make this card? It’s so unique and I’d love to send something similar for a BBQ I’m having. Would appreciate it. Thank you.

    • I’m sorry, no, I do not have a tutorial for this. I created the card back in 2011 and no longer have the stamp set or some of the supplies I used to make it. Sorry!

  17. Karen Schroeder

    i think most of us just want to know how you made the glass, more specifically, how you attached it. Please let us know. As Desiree said, you are being well flattered by those who have asked.

  18. Roxanne holland

    since you won’t give us any hints as to how the glass was attached, I have studie it and ‘may I suggest when you cut the glass, cut an extension flap of say 1/4 ” around the sides and bottom of the glass and stick down that way.

  19. Where’s the party I’m on my way

  20. I found out how to make the glass.
    Go to You Tube, DO Stamping ~ Raspberry Lemonade Cup. So unbelievably simple.

    • Thank you so much Louise Kuna for sharing your “find” I went right to the website for the Rasberry Lemonade Cup and you are right it was so easy. So glad you shared this, I plan to make several of these cards tonight. Thanks again, enjoy your evening

  21. Are we able to get instructions for this great card, would love to try it. Thanks

  22. I hope this is ok but dawn with stamping did a similar card and she has a video


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