Thanks Coach Handmade Card

Thanks Coach Handmade Card

This is the first year any of my children have ever participated in any team sports.  Micah really wanted to give Basketball a try, and so we went for it. With 3+ hours a day for four days a week, it certainly made for some changes around here.  If you attended class during a game, I’m sure you were hearing about the score as I received texts!

Being who I am, of course I kind of took on a bunch for the end of season banquet, including making cards for the coaches!  Unfortunately, I forgot to take a “good” picture of both cards, but I do have this one I snapped with my phone.

Thankfully both Coaches have short names so I did the same design for both.  I used a mixture of current and retired product.  I think it turned out pretty cute!  I also cut out little red and white jerseys for each boy and put their number on it and those where at their table, but sadly I forgot to get a picture of those.

I spent some time debating on table centerpieces and finally decided I wanted to have a basketball basket (wait until you see the perfect baskets I found) with a basketball balloon coming up from the basket.  Now, do you think they had basketball balloons at the store where I went looking for them?  Of course not!  The closest things I could find were orange star mylar balloons.  Hmmmm.

I decided to draw basketball lines on the balloons but of course I didn’t have a big wide sharpie marker.  What to do? Blends!  The Basic Black Blend Marker came to my rescue and worked like a charm!

I’ll admit I was glad I only had to draw on 8 balloons, but the Blends marker worked well! (Just the shape of the balloon and holding it down to draw on it was the tough part!)

I love how I can use my Stampin’ Up! supplies for so much more than just cards or just scrapbook pages. We’re always pulling Stampin’ Up! supplies out to use around the house for this or that.  Soon I will show you a picture of how I used some of our Baker’s Twine to decorate in the entryway to our house!

Thank you for coming by today!


  1. You did a splendid job Becky with the “Thanks Coach Handmade Card”. Any family or anyone who are into sports one way or another would love this card. It was made with much TLC and patience. Thank you for sharing this new creation Becky. Have a ball today!! (:

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