The Boys Were Creating

The Boys Were Creating

I apologize for being absent for so much of the week!  My older two boys had their Young Entrepreneur event this weekend and it’s been quite busy with preparations.

Today was their sale and I thought you might like to see a couple pictures. I like for them to make tags for their treats for this event to teach them that the details really do make a difference. As stampers, we know that, right?!

You may recognize some things!

The used mostly retired paper, glimmer paper, twine, and ribbon for their tags.  Paired with their beautiful (and yummy!) sweets, these are so pretty!

So, although I really wasn’t the one “doing” the work this past week, I certainly was busy supervising it (and cleaning up in the wake)!  I’m sure all you moms understand!

I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing pictures of these sweet creations.  Seeing pictures is a lot less dangerous that living in this house while they are being made . . . they all have be taste tested and mom approved, right?!

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