Tile Coasters Showing God's Beauty

butterfly & purple flower coastersThanks to a comment left by Jennifer, reminding me about these coasters, here they are.  (See, I really do read and love to get your comments!!)  I finished them a couple weeks ago but totally forgot to show you.  I finally colored the butterfly using Pumpkin Pie and Summer Sun Stampin’ Write Markers.

The flowers are from the Inspired by Nature stamp set and the butterfly from the God’s Beauty stamp set.  For more information you can visit my original post on Handstamped Coasters.

Most likely this set of tiles will either go to the Pretty Pickin’s booth at the Markets at Shrewsbury or perhaps onto my website store when my hubby gets that up and running.  Before it’s put up for sale though, I need to create a storage box for them.  Once I get to that, I’ll be sure to show you!  Unfortunately, it’ll probably be a little while until I can take up the task.  This month is booked like crazy!


  1. I love the coaster . You did a great job

  2. Beautiful! The butterfly is realistic enough to fly away!

  3. This looks great! The butterfly is lovely!

  4. The butterfly turned out better than I imagined! It looks like stained glass. I am voting that we do a class on them; the way we are doing boxes and bags tonight and the stationary boxes in September. Maybe there can be 3 or 4 designs to choose from. You do great work! Keep it up! Hey – congratulations on your month being ‘booked like crazy’ – great things are happening! YAHOO!

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