Timeless Portrait Office Decor

Timeless Portrait Fabric

In the last few days I’ve spent a little more time on my special project with the Timeless Portrait Designer Series Paper and Fabric.  One of the things I’ve worked on is this cloth ornament  using two pieces of the Timeless Portrait Fabric and some black fabric I had around.

Timeless Portrait Ornament

Here’s a close-up view for you.  Would you believe I used over 500 square inches of fabric and no sewing on this?  I never would have guessed just looking at it, would you?  To be quite truthful, I haven’t quite decided what I’m going to do with this ornament now that I’ve made it.  Perhaps I’ll make some more and place them in a fun bowl, I’m just not sure yet.

I look forward to tonight’s class as we work on decorating Card Keepers and beginning to fill them!  I was going to give you a peek at the table of card supplies, unfortunately, the camera battery took that exact opportunity to run out of juice . . .  We’ll see if I get the battery recharged, and remember to take a picture, before the ladies tonight get to work on their Stampin’ Up! handmade cards.


  1. What an intricate and beautiful ball ornament!

  2. That is gorgeous – I saw it on your table tonight! I cannot believe it was that much fabric! Very eye-catching!

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