Titanic Museum Scrapbook Layout

Titanic Museum Scrapbook Layout

We visited the Titanic Museum while in Gatlinburg, TN this summer.  What a fun museum!  It kept the attention of both young and old and we all learned lots of facts.

My youngest (age 8) is a big Titanic fan, so of course I had to make a special Scrapbook Page for him!Titanic Museum Scrapbook page

Here it is!  I can’t wait to show Ethan this layout when he wakes up (or when I wake up, since he’s up before me . . . )  I know he is going to like it!

scrapbooking with Stampin' Up!

You’re not allowed to take pictures inside the museum but we got some fun ones outside (yes, the museum is the boat you see in the picture, it’s shaped like the Titanic with the iceberg.

Museum Scrapbook Page

We did splurge and purchase some pictures taken with the green screen inside the museum (middle picture above).  The item on the left is a boarding pass.  As you enter the museum you are given a boarding pass with the name of a passenger that actually went on the Titanic.  At the end of the tour, you find out if your passenger survived or not.

I know Ethan is going to love this for his scrapbook!

We will be making this layout for Scrap Club this month.  I think the layout will work well for traveling pictures and perhaps vintage pictures as well.

Thank you for taking the time to stop by today!



  1. The ” Titanic Museum Scrapbook Layout ” is the one I have been waiting for. What a super way of arranging the photos, it makes one feel like they are really there with you. I always enjoy the photos of the Family because it’s the only time I get to see how much the boy’s have grown. Thank you becky for sharing your family with all of us here, you are a very thoughtful and talented person. 🙂

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