Visiting My Stampin' Space

Welcome to my stampin’ space!  I said a while back that I would be posting pictures for those of you who do not live close to me and might want to see my stampin’ area.  I don’t know about you, but I always enjoy seeing how other organize their stampin’ Supplies. 

Stampin' SpaceThis is my classroom.  I can comfortably seat 10 (as set up here) but if we continue to get good attendance for classes, I’ll invest in another table or two and some chairs to put in the area where I was standing while taking the picture.  My office is on the right to the back of the picture.


Stampin' areaNow you’re looking at part of my stampin’ office.  This is where I sit to create all those projects you see pictured on my blog or make in classes.  My husband and children bought me that comfy chair last year and it’s great!

Stampin area close upMy Dad picked up this craft table at a yard sale for me and it is wonderful!  On the left hand side of the table are little bins for storage and there is a ruler right on the table which can be very convenient!

To the right of my craft table is a filing cabinet.  I keep my cardstock filed with a hanging folder for each color.  In the hanging folder is the full size sheets of cardstock and a manila folder for scraps pieces of that color.  The idea is to use up the scraps before pulling out a full sheet.  There is no need to waste cardstock!



ink refill storageStampin' Up punchesThis is a very convenient way to store your Stampin’ Up! punches!  I bought a cafe curtain rod ( a sturdier one) and asked my husband to hang it for me.  It looks nice and is much more convenient than piling them all in a drawer.  Now, I just need to buy another to take care of the rest of my punches.  I have heard Ikea has nice rods for this as well.

My sister sent me pictures once where someone else made this storage for their ink refills and I thought it was a neat idea.  This is simply a yard stick to which I stapled elastic.  Once I had one end of the elastic attached, I simply stretched the elastic around a bottle of ink refill and stapled the elastic once again and then moved on to the next.    It is very convenient and adds a little bit of color to one of my corners.  As with the punch rod, I need to work on another one to take care of the other bottles I have sitting around.


cutting spaceHere is the cutting and Big Shot table.  It has made such a difference for me to have an assigned area for these items.  Before I was always trying to clear space in my work area to fit them in and it was very difficult.  Some of you from the Akron, OH stampin up stamp storagearea may recognize the quilt hanging on the wall behind this table.  When I moved to southern PA from Akron, my “stampin’ girls” made this for me so I wouldn’t forget them.  Have no fear though – you’ll never be forgotten!

I often hear people mention that they’re not quite sure the easiest way to store their Stampin’ Up! stamps in their boxes.  I thought I’d share what has worked for me.  This is a DVD/VHS stand I picked up from Walmart a couple years back that works wonderfully for me.  The only stamp boxes that don’t fit are the largest ones like for the Define Your Life stamp set.  I have those on another shelf to the side of this.  This stand has little arms that can be used to hold up the stamp boxes if there are not enough to fit the whole way across the  shelf.  I personally like this way of organizing becuase I can see the name of the stamp set on the side of the box and I don’t have to pull sets out from under others and watch the pile tumble!

Naturally not everyone has this many stampin’ items (after all, this is my job!) and not everyone has a lot of space (although some have more of both).  I did not post these pictures to brag but to try to give you some storage and organization ideas.  I just hear so many comments and questions about storage and organization that I thought I would share what I do.  Hopefully this will give you some ideas to help with your own questions.

Thank you for stopping in at my Stampin’ Space, I hope you can attend a class or PMS night sometime and visit in person!


  1. These ideas are very helpful! I have been very frustrated by the time I waste trying to find stamp sets and never having room on my huge table to do my project! Much appreciated.

  2. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your idea of how to store your stamps! I’m heading to Walmart later to buy one. I am not a demo and have tons of SU stamps that I need to store better! GREAT IDEA! Thanks so much!

  3. Thanks so much for sharing your ideas. I live in a VERY SMALL home and cannot part with my stamps and have enjoyed looking at your ideas. Thanks!

  4. I was googling how to organize my stamps because I’m looking into becoming a stampin’ up demonstrator! Your room is a dream come true, it is glorious and so well organized (i’m one of those nerds who actually gets goose bumps to see awesome organization)! I’m originally from the Akron area as well!!

    • Sometimes I think people give me way too much credit for organization, they don’t see how the room looks when I’m in the middle of prepping for an event! I try though! 🙂 I hope you enjoy being a demonstrator! I assume you have a demonstrator, but if not and you are looking for someone to sign up under, I would love to talk with you!

  5. Thank you so much Becky for sharing your stamp room. I have been trying to find ideas that will work in my new craft room and you certainly had some for me to try. Your pictures were clear and I appreciate that you said where you got the items in the pictures.
    Have a blessed day.

    • Thank you for your comment, Sally! I need to post updated pictures of my studio! Looking back at this post makes me realize just how much has changed! Stay tuned, I’ll try to do that before long and maybe you can get some more ideas! 🙂

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