Walk With Me Scrapbook Layout

Walk With Me Scrapbook Layout

I have a fun scrapbook layout to share with you today.  Thus far, I do not have pictures on my pages, but hopefully I will finish it sooner than later.  We’ve been on several trips this spring/summer, and I need to print lots of pictures!

I think this layout is a lot of fun because it has so many possibilities.

Do you go on a daily walk?  Take a camera along one day and take pictures of things you see on that walk and put them on this layout!

Maybe you have pictures from a hike, this would be a great layout for that as well!

You could also record pictures of a “walk” through someone’s life, a walk down memory lane, a walk on vacation, or a walk around your town.  There are so many possibilities!  Of course you could change the wording too which could open up even more ideas!

I look forward to making this layout with Scrap Club members this month!  I can’t wait to see how this theme is used!

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