Weather Together Step It Up Card

Weather Together Step It Up Card

I look forward to seeing a number of you in classes today!  Some will be doing the Stamp of the Month class while others will be making Lighthouse Decor, and still others will be making the Step It Up cards!  We’re going to be having creative fun today!

I thought I would share one of the Step It Up cards with you today.  We are using the Weather Together stamp set for this one.  This is such a fun set!

Isn’t that cute?  I really like the versatility of this set!  There are so many fun cards to make with this set!

Just in case I am a little frazzled this week, let me tell you why.  In Pennsylvania we have to put together a portfolio of the homeschool work we have accomplished over the school year and then present that to an evaluator.  Our evaluation is this Friday, and being our first year, it’s got me working hard this week.  I’ve been setting things aside all throughout the year, it’s just a matter of pulling it all together but of course I can’t keep it simple . . . I have to print subject dividers on Stampin’ Up! cardstock and make tabs for the dividers with our old tab punch and of course I don’t want to just put it all in a three-ring binder, I want it bound with my binding machine . . . .  So, I guess we can sum it up to say that I’m making myself crazy!  (And yes, I do realize that was a majorly run-on sentence . . . .)

Thank you for putting up with me and all the craziness that happens around here.  You all really do help with my sanity!


  1. I want to see this “notebook” when I come this afternoon. Sounds like a whole lot of extra work! Wonder if you will get graded on creativity and presentation?

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