Wellness Wishes 15 Minute or Less Card

Color Challenge

Here is the color challenge this week.  I’m supposed to make a card, in 15 minutes or less, using these colors.  To be quite truthful, they make me cringe.  This is not my style at all!  Isn’t it funny how different we all are?  For some people this is right up their alley, for me, no way!  Of course I’m sure there would be some who would cringe at colors I might pick out, that’s what make us unique.  Well, these are supposed to be a challenge so a challenge it will be!

Besides the fact that these aren’t my colors, there are a couple other hurdles for me to help make this a little more challenging.  First, I have another sick child whom I don’t want to leave for long as I stamp and second, I have only a marker and ribbon in the Poppy Parade color.

Okay, let’s see what I can accomplish!


Alright let’s go.  The first order of business, as usual, is to run to the paper cutter and then the Big Shot with the Perfect Polka Dots embossing folder.  Being as my family has been sick (2 kids and a hubby so far) the Wellness Wishes stamp set seems like a good choice for the day.

Wellness Wishes stamp set

Okay, now what?  Uhhhh. . .  Well, it’s been an off sort of week and nothing about this card is “me” yet so why not continue with the “off”ness.  Rarely do I ever cock my layers and crazy angles and such but today  . . . why not be off!


It looks like it took me all of 9 minutes to complete the card, not too bad.  Let’s see how the card turned out.

Hand stamped card

Here we are.  It’s not something I’m real excited about but it works.  It uses the colors assigned and I made it in good time and hopefully it would brighten the day of someone who didn’t feel too well!

Looking at the other design team members projects, they were able to put these colors to such good use.  How did they do that?!

Thank you for stopping by today ladies!  I hope I can soon get back to a normal creating schedule and have something fun to show you!  Prayerfully I will be healthy and able to be at Wendi’s Stampin’ Up! party in Bel Air tomorrow!


  1. Those colors would be a challenge to me too — but you did GREAT!
    Hope everyone is feeling better soon.

  2. You rose to the challenge! I’m so sorry you have another on the sick list. I join Sherri in hoping you all are well soon.

  3. Wow ! I am so proud of you – What a great job!
    Please keep yourself well. We all need you!
    Thank God you are in my life.


  4. I love this card! Bright colors are perfect for a “get better” card, and the cock-eyed-ness of the card seems appropriate for when someone’s feeling not-quite-right–good choices!

  5. Ahw how cute I love this stamp and the way you used the little envelope
    great use of the colour challenge
    you are awesome

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