Wild West Auction Frame

Wild West Auction Frame

My creativity was challenged in a different direction the other day.  I was given a plain wooden picture frame to turn into a designer frame, with a Wild West theme.   Hmm. . . . I don’t tend have paper or stamps bent in that direction . . .

First I pulled out some Washi Tapes to cover the frame.  Simple, no problem.  Then I pulled out some retired twine and glued it around the edges of the frame and then glued some Bakers Twine swirling around.  Then . . . uhhhh . . . . hmm . . . . that’s where I got stuck.  I showed the frame to my husband and he said it needed something cowboyish.   Ummmmm . . . .  Yes, but . . . .

Finally it hit me – Simply Pressed Clay!  Yes!  That was the answer.  With all of my children looking on and giving their opinions . . . Stampin' Up! Frame. . . this is what I cam up with.  How cute is that?!

SU! Simply Pressed Clay

Here is a close up look at the clay.  I formed the shapes I wanted (except for the rose, I used one of our Stampin’ up! molds for that – whew!) and then left them to dry overnight.

Many of you know I do a good deal of work with the Shrewsbury Christian Academy Silent Auction.  This is going to be one of the door prizes this year.  I’m hoping my name is pulled – I would love to receive this prize!

Now . . . Somehow I was magically handed three more blank wooden frames to decorate . . . Hmmmm. . .


  1. Fabulous frame!

  2. I love western themed items so you touched my heart with the “Wild West Auction Frame”. Wish I was at the silent auction and had a chance to win today’s very unique western share. Your lovely creation for today would be welcome by the lucky person who wins it. Thank you for sharing and have a super Saturday.

  3. Very nice!

  4. Awesome job! I just have to ask about the hat, how did u do that? Lots of creative juices came out in this! Kuddos!!

    • Thanks, Liz,

      No real instructions really, I just looked at a picture of a cowboy hat and did my best. Think of it as two separate pieces – brim and the tall part and then put them together.

  5. Very cute! I love it.

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