Wild Horse Scrapbook Pages

Wild Horse Scrapbook Pages

On vacation this year we finally got to see some wild horses when we ventured south of Ocean City.  They were walking right in the middle of the road!Wild Horses Scrapbook PagesLook how close we were able to get to them . . . in our car.

Horse scrapbook page

I love the simplistic look of this layout, fitting for wild animals.

Stampin' Up! 2-page Scrapbook Layout

Scrapbook members can look forward to making this layout on Monday.  You certainly don’t have to use horse pictures for this layout, there are so many different events that can be recorded on these simple pages!


  1. Animals in the wild always make for good photos. “Willd Horse Scrapbook Pages” are so beautiful, but by the looks of these horses, they are used to the people and traffic. I love being around horsed and you have done a super job creating the scrapbook pages shown here. Thank you for sharing and have a wonderful day.

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