Work of Art Stamp of the Month

Work of Art Stamp of the Month

I am looking forward to the Work of Art Stamp of the Month class next week!  We’re going to get creative with this stamp set!Work of Art stamp setI hope you have RSVPd for this class!  If you didn’t, but still want to attend (and just receive your stamp set late), contact me and we’ll set it up!

Thank you for coming by to visit today!


  1. The “Work of Art Stamp of the Month” card reminds me so much of you. When you think about it, with all of these beautiful works of art you share, I think you are a piece of God’s art. We all appreciate you Becky and all of the hard and dedicated work that you do to make others happy and teach them how to be creative. Thank you for always sharing Becky, and have a wonderful day.

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