World of Dreams Technique Card

World of Dreams Technique Card

I have another Technique Card to share with you today!

Recently I have had some sending me messages wondering why I do not tell you how to do the techniques here on my blog.  The answer is a rather simple one.  I teach these techniques in my two Technique Clubs, one of which meets here at StampThat the second Thursday of each month and one meets the 1st Saturday of each month in Baldwin, MD.  Club members pay to attend these clubs and it would not be fair for me to charge them to attend club and then turn around and share the techniques here for free.  I hope that makes sense!

If you have interest in joining one of the Technique Clubs, please contact me for more information.

In the meantime, I hope you will enjoy this card which I made for Club members to showcase one of the techniques I was teaching last week.Stamping technique cardThank you for coming by.  I look forward to creating Stationary Boxes with some of you in class today!


  1. If I can understand about the Tech Club, anyone can. Simple as pie.LOL. In the meantime, back to the” World of Dreams Technique Card” which is sift, warm and inspiring all wrapped up in one beautiful card. Thank you for sharing today’s creation and have a great day.

  2. Becky,
    I thoroughly enjoy all the projects you share on your blog. Wish I lived closer to to be able to attend some of your classes. I fully understand why you don’t give instructions for how to do the techniques that you have been showing. Would it be possible, though, to at least give the name of the technique? There are many resources available to find the ‘how to’…I for one subscribed to Technique Junkies newsletter for 12 years…but knowing what I was looking for would be very helpful. Thanks for sharing all your beautiful art!

  3. Becky, can understand why you don’t show the technique and quite rightly. However, do you sell the technique via internet?
    This would solve the problems for those of us who love your work but live too far away to attend classes.
    Look forward to hearing from you and many thanks for sharing your talents.

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