You Are My Sunshine Scrapbook Pages

You Are My Sunshine Scrapbook Pages

I’m excited to share these scrapbook pages with you, but at the same time, I almost don’t want to . . . because the pictures of the pages just aren’t as vibrant and fun as the pages themselves!You are my sunshine scrapbook layout

In real life the colors pop and this scrapbook layout is full of fun!


Nobody is going to mention how long it took to get the layout for this scrapbook design just perfect!  No the words were not the problem, that was the easy part!  Believe it or not, figuring out the placement of the pictures was the hard part of this layout!

You are My Sunshine

For my Scrap club members, I promise to assist you with cutting out all these letters if you decide to do the song lyrics!  I wouldn’t do all of that and leave you hanging (or should I say “cutting”).

I look forward to Scrap Club on Monday.  I know this layout is going to be well liked!


  1. The beautiful smiles on the three handsome subjects are just perfect for the “You Are My Sunshine Scrapbook Pages”. I think the scrap book pages turned out rather great. Nice job Becky and don’t worry about the lighting. The pictures are enough to make anyone smile on a cold day like this or any other day. Thank you for sharing. 🙂

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