Young Entrepreneur Opportunity Year 2

Young Entrepreneur Opportunity Year 2

Micah had the opportunity to sell baked goods as a Young Entrepreneur at the local homeschool expo again this year, and Jaan joined in to sell homemade candies!

Let’s just say my kitchen was VERY busy at the end of last week, and it was rather crazy around here!  Thank you for those who have put up with my mind being a little overwhelmed . . .

I tell my boys that presentation is huge . . . which means they had to handmake cute tags for all the goodies they were selling at the expo.  Naturally that means heading to the craft room!

I thought you might enjoy seeing pictures of their projects, both food and tags.Micah of course is the baker.  Many of you have supported his baking endeavors over the last year and we have greatly appreciated that!

His cookies were the biggest hit.  They’re so pretty!  Hopefully you can get a peak at the tags.  You may recognize some retiring stamp sets there – Butterfly Basics and Seaside Shore.

We used a lot of Stampin’ Up! cello bags and ribbon for this venture!  You may even recognize the sign from a previous class!

Jaan is pretty new to candy making, but he wanted to give it a try.  Boy was it all yummy!  My kitchen has been major danger zone for the diet!

He used the retiring Frozen Treats dies for these tags.

And here we have the Swirly Scribbles dies being used for his lollipop tags.

What you see in the pictures is just a small sampling of the treats they made.  We had boxes of treats tucked under the table to replenish whenever something sold.  I can’t even begin to guess how many items they had there!

I really could share many more pictures, but I don’t want to bore you.  I do hope you’ve enjoyed the pictures though.  Those of you who come to class often hear me talking about these sorts of things, so I figure perhaps you would like to see pictures as well.

Thank you for coming by today.  I look forward to seeing some of you in class this week!


  1. The pictures are wonderful, and could never be boring! I can only imagine the enormity of this project, but I can personally vouch for the delicious results! Kudos to Micah and Jaan for their ambition and hard work!

  2. These are really impressive displays of beautiful and delicious treats. I really like the packaging too. Congrats, Micah and Jaan.

  3. Everything looks amazing. They are very talented and I’m sure you’re both very proud of them. I can’t get over how professional everything looks. I’m not talking about the the tags either, although they are very nice as well.

  4. Thank you for sharing your ” Young Entrepreneur Opportunity Year 2 ” with us, I remember the first year he made cookies and sold out. Super Baker is what I would call Micah. Congratulations to you Micah and maybe one day you can bake some cookies for me, sugar cookies are my all time favorite. You have a great future ahead of you Micah!! You are a great young man and we all appreciate all of your hard work. (:

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