Zoofari 2-page Scrapbook Layout

2-page children's scrapbook layoutHere’s the scrapbook page I made yesterday.  Isn’t my little guy cute?!  He used to love the exersaucer and it was a wonderful place to put him and know he’d be there when you walked back in the room.  Now, however, he’s joined the world of walking with his brothers.

These pictures were taken on two different occasions.  Once when he was awake, and once when he’d fallen asleep while his brothers were getting haircuts.  I had a lot of pictures for this page and yet at the same time I didn’t have quite as many as were needed as I found this idea on Page Maps where I occasionally get inspiration.  If you look closely, you’ll see that I made up some of my pictures.  In the upper right corner as well as the middle left side you’ll see that I actually took scrap pieces from trimming the photos and put them together to fill a picture spot.  I think it looks pretty neat.  It captures some of the animals on his exersaucer and gives nice variety.  It’s fun to see Ethan’s little face but it’s fun to see his surroundings as well.

The stamp set I used for the animals is Zoofari.  I colored the animals to match the style of the exersaucer, thus the purple spotted rhino!  The letters in the title “Jumpity Jump” were cut using the Big Shot and the Go Go Boots Alphabet Dies.

We will most likely be doing a page in this style for scrap club sometime.  I haven’t decided if we’ll actually use the Zoofari stamp set like you see here or if we’ll try to make it a little more adult friendly.  We shall see!

As I’ve been sitting here writing this, I’ve decided I need to be better about taking pictures of more than just my children.  I need to take pictures of their surroundings as well.  It’s always nice to have more than just face shots for pages like these with lots of pictures on them.

I hope you’re having a wonderful week!  If you have an extra moment please leave a comment.  I have had several contact me recently through my blog asking me to find retired sets for them.  I’m sorry, if you do not see the set you are looking for on my retired set list I will be unable to help you.  It takes a lot of time (and even some liability) to search for used sets and get the best bargain, time I just don’t have in abundance.  I’m sorry. 

Happy creating!

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