Stationary Box Tutorial For Sale

Stationary Box Tutorial For Sale

Your response to the Stationary Box I created has been so exciting and encouraging – thank you!  I’m happy to say the PDF tutorial is ready for purchase!Continue reading

Winter Bouquet Tutorial For Sale

Winter Bouquet Tutorial For Sale

Handmade flower bouquet

You asked for it, you’ve got it!  I have completed a 26 page tutorial, including 100 pictures, for the bouquet!  The tutorial includes step-by-step instructions to make three 3D flowers, 3D pine cones, some glittery embellishments and put it all together in a beautiful bouquet!Continue reading

The Snowman Tutorial Is Ready!

The Snowman Tutorial Is Ready!

You’ve asked for a tutorial for the Snowman Gift Card Holder, it has taken me a little while, but I finally have it ready for you!

Snowman Gift Card HolderThis is a 6 page tutorial with step-by-step instructions and 20 color photographs.  Once you make payment for the tutorial, please allow me up to 24 hours to email the Adobe PDF file to you..  You are purchasing this tutorial to make your own Snowman Gift Card Holder.  Please do not share the PDF or link to the PDF in any way.  Fellow demonstrators and teachers, you may verbally teach a class how to make this project but please do not print the PDF or link to it for your class members.

 Purchase the Tutorial for $1.00 below:

Lattice Die Ornament Tutorial

Lattice Die Ornament Tutorial

Christmas Ornament - Lattice Die

I had a lot of requests for a tutorial for this Christmas Ornament using the Lattice Die. It’s taken me a while but since I’m away for 4 days of stamping fun, I thought I’d go ahead and get this done while I’m here.  So, let’s get started!

Lattice Die

You need to begin with four of the Lattice Dies. This is a Stampin’ Up! exclusive die.

You’re going to begin with folding your die cut in half. Unfold it and fold in half again the other direction.

You have four more folds to do. I have drawn lines here that will hopefully help you.

I found the easiest way to fold these diagonal folds is to use a ruler. This is one of the lines you’re to be folding. You will fold all four lattice pieces with these.

Now you are going to cut on one of the half-folds to the center of the lattice. I hope you can see it in this picture.

As you look at your die cut, begin at the center cut you made. As you go to the left, that first fold you come to, fold that end up, your second fold will also be folded up and the next one down.  Sorry, it’s really hard to get a good picture and description for you (thus the reason I’ve been putting off writing up this tutorial!)

What you want, as you fold, is a corner oval setting down on your table and then you will have an oval sticking up in the air and then one on the table and one in the air . . .

You will want to use little teeny tiny pieces of Sticky Strip to adhere the two sides of the oval sticking up together.  This picture is looking at the bottom of the die cut, you can see where I placed the Sticky Strip for when I fold and put the two pieces together.  It is important to adhere them together!

This is what one Lattice Die Cut will look like with all the folding.  (Once you attach it to other pieces, the ends will be sticking up.)

You’re going to use Sticky Strip to stick the ends of pieces together.  (In the picture I’m getting ready to lay the one oval down on top of the other that has adhesive on it.)

Here’s what it looks like with 2 of the sections put together, keep going!

You’ll need to choose something to sticky strip your project to so it will lie flat. I used a circle punched with the 2 1/2″ Circle Punch. Then decorate as you wish and attach some ribbon to the back if you want to hang it.

I hope you enjoy! If you find this helpful, I hope you’ll leave a quick comment!  Feel free to put your questions as a comment so I can answer for everyone’s benefit.

10 Minute Wedding Favor Challenge

Stamping Inspiration Challenge

I’m a little late getting my10 minute challenge posted this week.  I made the project on Wednesday (early!!!) but with the blog tour I put off posting it.

The picture above was our challenge.  We were told to look at this picture and create what came to mind from the picture.  My mind was in wedding mode, due to the Blog Tour theme (see the last three posts) so my inspiration went in that direction.  I saw that big fluffly flowery looking cushion and went from there.

Ready, Set, Go!

I’m ready!  Did I happen to mention that the 10 minute challenge only pertains to cards?  If you decide to make a scrapbook page you have 20 minutes and if you decide to make a 3-D item you have 30 minutes.  I was headed for a 3-D item but didn’t want to spend anywhere near 30 minutes, 10 minutes was still sounding really good.  Go!

Very Vanilla circles

I used the Stampin’ Up! 1″ Circle Punch to punch out a bunch of Very Vanilla circles and then the 1 1/4″ Circle Punch to punch out one circle.  After I punched out the circles I wrapped the 1″ circles around a stylus to give them a curve as you see here.

Starting my flower

I put some Sticky Strip on the 1 1/4″ circle and started adhering the 1″ circles around the edges of the 1 1/4″ circle.  After the first layer of petals were attached I added some more sticky strip and then another layer and so on.

Circle Punch Flower

Here’s the flower with all the layers on it.  the next step was to add another little piece of sticky strip (or you could use some crystal effects, I didn’t have time for that!) and added a vanilla pearl from the Pretties Kit right in the center of the flower.

Cracker Barrel Syrup Bottle

I know someone who brings me her syrup bottles from Cracker Barrel.  I wrapped a piece of Very Vanilla satin ribbon around the bottle and adhered it with Sticky Strip.  Just a little more to go and the project will be finished.  How long do you think it took??


Whew!  Less than 10 minutes, just a little over 7 in fact!  Do you want to see the finished project?

It's a bud vase!

I made a little bud vase!  Did you notice that it matches the wedding favor I showed you the other day with the super elegant wedding invitation and stationary?  I think this cute bud vase could be cute in the middle of a round table at a wedding reception with a single, beautiful flower in it.  Another idea would be to have a neutral colored table cloth, put a table runner down the middle of the table, which matches the wedding colors, and then have some of these handmade paper flowers (not attached to anything) sprinkled along the runner.

Bud vase

Here’s a close up of the vase.  I love these little syrup bottles because they have a cute design molded into them.  (My husband loves them because they contain real Maple Syrup!!)

These flowers are so easy to make and you saw that they don’t take much time.  Are you ready to try making one of your own?  Thank you for stopping by to visit!  I hope you’ll take a minute to leave a comment!

Stampin' Up! Butterfly Punch to Pansy Tutorial

Handmade Pansies

I had fun teaching the Scrap Club members how to make these lovely flowers last night.  I wish I could have video taped some of their reactions.  It was quite funny!  I thought I would go ahead a make a quick tutorial for all of you.

Stampin' Up! Butterfly Punch

Start with the Stampin’ Up! Butterfly Punch and some Whisper White cardstock.  You are going to need two butterflies per flower.

Stampin' Write Marker

Choose two shades of Stampin’ Write Markers for your flower.  Use the lighter shade marker to color both butterflies entirely.

Darker shade Stampin' Write Marker

Use the darker shade Stampin’ Write marker to color just the edges of the butterflies.

Spritz with water

Use a small spritz bottle to wet them with water.  You want to get them fairly wet with 2-3 spritzes.  The water will make the colors run a little hopefully taking away some of the marker lines and making the difference in shade a little less pronounced.


Yes, you read that correctly, you need to crumple up the butterflies.  (Between getting the butterflies wet and crumpling them up, I thought I was going to have mutiny on my hands in class last night!)


Unfold the butterflies, being very careful as they are fragile in the middle.  As you flatten them you don’t want to  take out all of the wrinkles, leave some, we want the texture.  You can let the butterflies dry at this point or proceed gently.

Paper Piercer

Use a paper piercer or 1/16th inch circle punch to punch a hole in the center of each butterfly.  Be gentle!

Vintage Brad

Use a brad to hold the butterflies together, each butterfly facing a different direction.

Butterfly punch flower

That’s it!  You have a beautiful flower!  If the flower isn’t quite full enough for your needs of course you can add a couple extra butterflies.

I have shared a couple different projects using these flowers.  I made a handmade Mother’s Day card as well as a two-page flowered scrapbook layout.  Be sure to check them out, leave a quick comment and then go make your own!

No, I did not come up with this idea myself, I only wish I was so creative!  To be truthful though, I’m not sure who should receive the credit.  So, suffice it to say, I’m happy to share this lovely flower with you that someone else brilliantly came up with and shared.

Ornament Punch Rose Tutorial

Vintage Vogue Stamp Set

This is a remake of a tissue box that I showed you last week.  I promised you a tutorial for the rose and it’s time!

Stampin' Up! Ornament Punch

I started with 25 ornament punches in Whisper White.  The more punches you have the fuller your rose will be.  The ornament punch was offered by Stampin’ Up! in the Holiday Mini Catalog but I have good news for you!  The punch is not pictured in any of the current catalogs, however, it is still available!  The item number is 116794 and it costs $15.95.

Sponging with Pretty in Pink

I want the rose to have two tones so I am sponging the edges of the punches with Pretty in Pink Classic ink.

Embossing Stylus

I used a stylus to curl the edges of each ornament punch (petal).  You want about 1/3 of the petals to be curled slightly, 1/3 curled so they look like a U when you look from a side view, 1/3 curled considerably and 1 totally curled.  Is that as clear as vellum for you?  Let me give you a picture that will hopefully define that better.

Ornament Punch Rose Petals

I hope that makes more sense now.  For the tighter curls I grabbed a thin paint brushed to wrap the punches around.

1 3/4" Circle Punch

Punch a 1 3/4″ Circle and then start working around the circle to adhere the petals.  Begin with the least curled petals.  I am using Sticky Strip because I want to make sure once all the weight of the flower is added it’s going to stay in place.

Work in a circle

Continue working around the circle to attach the petals.  Use up all of the least curled petals and then work to the next level saving the most curled for the end.

Ornament Punch Rose Coming into Shape

As you get closer to the center of the flower you’ll want to make the edges of your petals overlap more, this will help to lift them up and give the flower shape.

Paper Rose

There is just one more piece to insert, the most curled petal.  You will know when it’s time to put in the last petal, it’ll be the last one you can possibly fit in there.  I started with 25 petals and used 23 of them.

Paper Rose

The rose looks great but it is no complete without some leaves to frame it.

Ornament Punch Leaves

I punched out three of the ornament punches from Mellow Moss and then used an Always Artichoke Stampin’ Write marker to draw in the vein lines.

Creating a paper leaf

I sponged on some Always Artichoke Classic ink and then used paper snips to cut a zig zag edge on of the leaves.

Bottom of the flower

Tuck the leaves behind the flower.  (This a view of the bottom of the finished project.)

Paper Rose made from the Stampin' Up! Ornament Punch

And here we are!  What do you think?  I know the  tutorial is long and may seem like it would take a long time to make one of these but I can tell you that it really doesn’t take all that long.  I spent way more time typing this tutorial than it takes to make one of these flowers!

Now obviously with all these layers you’re not going to be able to put this flower on a card and mail it.  A rose like this one is meant for a good size 3-D project or at least a card you’re planning to hand deliver!  I have seen some other versions of this flower, some of them with fewer petals making it less bulky.  You may wish to check them out, the ladies offering them are: Chera Wiest (who originally inspired me) and Shawna MacKenzie.

If you have any questions or comments about making this flower please leave them in the form of a comment.  Most likely if you have questions someone else has the same one so I’ll answer them there for you.  Thank you for stopping by and for any and all comments!

Snowman Gift Tag Tutorial

Two Cool Dudes Gift TagI was asked a question about making the little snowman gift tags in my Gift Tag Boxes so I thought I’m just do up a quick little tutorial for you and try to answer any other questions out there.  They’re easy to make once you have the hang of what to do.



Stampin' Up! Bone FolderI used a bone folder to fold a piece of Whisper White cardstock in half.  The bone folder gives a nice crisp fold which you really need for this since you’re going to be putting the folded cardstock into a punch.




Stampin' Up! Small Tag PunchInsert the folded cardstock into the Stampin’ Up! Small Tag Punch making sure you can see the fold in the “hole” so you’re not punching on it.



Gift Tag TutorialIn other words, once you’ve punched the tag out, you want the remaining hole to look like this.



snowman tutorial 4And you want the tag you punched out to look like this.



Two Cool Dudes Stamp SetStamp the outside as desired.  You can do the stamping before punching as well but with the tag from the Two Cool Dudes Stamp Set I find it easier to stamp after punching.



Stampin' Up! Tag PunchPunch another tag without any folds out of cardstock using the Stampin’ Up! Tag Punch (this one is larger than the other we used with the white.)  You’ll notice I’m using Night of Navy Cardstock here, however, in the first picture you saw I used Whisper White, you can do whatever suits you and your style.

Two Cool Dudes Gift TagLayer the stamped tag onto the larger tag and then attach ribbon or cord as you desire and write a little message inside.  It’s that easy!  If you have further questions please don’t hesitate to ask by leaving a comment or using the Contact Me button here or at the top of the page.