Handmade Baby Onsie Shower Invitations

Handmade Shower Invitations

Ever wonder what I’m working on in my “spare time”?  Here’s what I’ve been doing when I had a chance during the last two weeks.  I’ve been making handmade baby shower invitations!  I was contacted a few weeks back and asked if I would make these if they paid me.  Of course!  The order was for 80 and I’m happy to say I finished today!

Baby Onesie Card

Here’s a close up picture.  Isn’t this lovely?  If you would like to make one of these yourself, I have a tutorial for Baby Onesie Cards.  If you live in the United States and you are interested in having me make them for you, please contact me for pricing.

the inside

Here’s what I did for the inside of these particular cards.  It is possible to print on the inside with a computer but a bit time consuming to get it all lined up. On these cards I used the retired Stampin’ Up! stamp set called Introducing.

Just because I have shown these cards as invitations doesn’t mean that’s the only use for them!  I can’t imagine a new mother that wouldn’t love to get this card when their new baby arrives.  Pictures this arriving in the mail inside one of our clear envelopes or attached to the outside of a gift!  Who wouldn’t love it?!

I’m excited to get these 80 cards finished today but that’s not all I’m excited about!  I’m excited about the upcoming Funky Folds class!  I created a couple of the cards today and I’m loving these fun folds!  Sometimes it’s fun to try a little something different and have our handmade cards opening uniquely.  I hope you are planning to sign up for this class if you haven’t already!  If you’re not convinced, stop by in the next couple days as I’ll be sharing a couple of the cards we’ll be making!


  1. This are terrific, Becky! So adorable! I especially love the ‘snaps’ at the bottom!!! Such a great creation!

  2. Those are seriously labor intensive and beautiful! They’d make great thank you notes for the new mom, also.

  3. Oh I love this!

  4. I love the onsie baby shower invites…what are your charges for about 30 of them??? I am not sure pink or blue but will know soon! 🙂


  5. How much for these invitations?? we are interested in this invitation

    please if you could respond as soon as possible

  6. This is just darling. I have been working on one but haven’t found the look I want just yet. It will happen though. Love your work. TFS

  7. HI i love these little invites i have a shower comming up on june 11th 2011
    and ill need about 100 of them. i left my e-mail address please contact me back i would love to have them soon. Thanks 🙂

  8. Love this! how much would you charge i need about 70 of this

  9. How do I order these? I love them!!

  10. Rhonda Tollett

    I Love these I need 100 of them pink with green trim. How much and can you incorporate into them something about it being a book theme?
    Such as bring a favorite story book to help start the baby’s library>

  11. Christina Carbonell

    Hi Becky!
    I love the pink onesie invitation. I’m 24 weeks pregnant and would love to order these for my shower. I’d need 25 invites with envelopes by September 1st. Is this something you could do? Please contact me at your earliest convenience. Thanks!

  12. Hello Becky!
    I love your pink onesies invitations great Work!… I’m wondering if you have any in Blue? or if its something u can do? if so, I’ll like to order some for my baby shower in December.

    If you can contact me at your earliest conenience. Thanks!

  13. i like the pink onesis i was wondering how much you charge and also if you could contact me back so will know how much i need and will ou be able to make them for me for my babyshower in April

  14. I adore these! I am going to make them for our birth announcements. Our baby girl is due in February. Thanks for the instructions.

  15. Do you still make these? If so, what would you charge for 30? Thank you

  16. Hi Becky, could you send me a quote for about 50 of these?

  17. Hi Becky,

    These are fabulous, would you be able to give me a quote for 25 invitations? Also, do you happen to do color variations for stock such as a light purple instead of pink?

  18. These are precious!!

  19. Absolutely Adorable onsie invitations!!!! Can you give me a quote for about 55 🙂 Having a baby boy!!!
    thnx much

  20. I love your Onsie pattern…how much would you charge for 50? I really want these for my daughter’s shower. Hope to hear from you soon..Thanks!

  21. Im in love with these, please contact me for pricing i need about 30 of them, thanks 🙂

  22. Karen Sanchez

    I really love these cards, and was wondering if you could give me the pricing for 40-50 invitations however I would like them for a baby boy:)

  23. Charley Murray

    Hello Becky!
    First of all you are amazing at making these!! Wow! I was wondering if you could email a quote on 35 of these ones please. (Pink) thank you very much!

  24. Adorable!!! Looks like you are in high demand! Are you still taking orders? If so, how much would 25 for a girl cost? Thanks!

  25. I would like about 60 to 70 of these. How much would these be?

  26. these all very pretty invitations. Can you do them in blue? I need about 30 of them and kind of soon. so if u can let me know how much i would appericate it. do u do different styles ? i was initaly lookiing for diaper invitations but havent found the ones i want for a good price.

  27. Rachael Schembri

    Fantastic onsie invite! What tool is used at the bottom of the invite to make those three studs? Do you sell it online?

  28. These are fabulous! Do you still make these? If so, I’d love to get a quote for about 60. Hope to hear from you!

  29. Just wanting to know how much you charge per invitation?

  30. Hi Becky,

    I am very interested in these invitations, please contact me for a quote of about 30. I would love to send these out this week if possible for a babyshower on the 28th. Thank you and hope to hear from you soon!!

  31. Hi I would love to know how much you will charge for 60 invites. I need them by April 18, 2014. Please email and let me know the price. They are simply beautiful.

  32. Hi.

    I need 25 of these like YESTERDAY. Baby shower is Septmeber 6th and she wants to hand deliver her invitations. How much and when could I expect to receive them. I know this is a bit of push.

  33. I was wanting to know how much you would charge to make me some if you would just email me the price Thanks Tina

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