I Spy – Stampin' Up! Style

Can you find the Stampin' Up! item?

One of the things we like to do in our house is playing I Spy!  We love to look for hidden items, especially when there is a timer ticking down!

Some of you have probably noticed that I haven’t been replying to your emails quite a fast as usual this week.  That’s because I’ve been busy painting and decorating the boys bathroom!  (By the way, hopefully I have now replied to all emails.)

So, all that to say . . . it’s time to have you all play a little I Spy!  I spy something Stampin’  Up! in the above picture.  Can you find it?  This is a hard one!  The rest won’t be quite as hard.

I Spy . . .

Did you have trouble with the last picture?  Try this one.  There is a Stampin’ Up! item in this picture as well.  Can you find it?  (Sorry, the colors are terrible in this pictures, it’s impossible to get a good picture of those lights!)

Do you spy?

Okay, hopefully you were able to figure out that last picture.  Maybe it was still hard though.  What about this one?  Can you find the Stampin’ Up! item in this one?

How did you do out of the three pictures?  I hope you’ll leave your score for us in a comment!  I’ll go ahead and tell you the answers but make sure you leave a comment!

It's a monkey!

Do you see the monkey on the wall?  He is one of our Decor Elements!  Decor Elements are vinyl rub-ons for the wall!  All you have to do is peel off the backing, place the sheet on the wall and rub.  Simple as that!  Seeing as we rent our house, I especially like the rub-ons becuase I can put them on the wall and someday when we move I can just peel off the monkey and go.

That same monkey is also in our Fox & Friends stamp set found on page 96 of the Idea Book & Catalog.  Naturally, that monkey is lot smaller!

So, that’s the answer to the 3rd puzzle.  The same exact monkey was on the mirror in the second picture.  Did you find him there?

Now for the hard picture.  Did you figure out the first one??

It's the trash can!

To be quite truthful, I probably wouldn’t have found it.  I put an Old Olive monkey on the trash can!  I probably should have put some trash in the can before taking the pictures, it’d make for a few less dots and easier to see!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this I Spy game and the tour of the new bathroom decor!  For those of you who know me well, bright colors are not normally my thing but I had a lot of fun decorating this room!  It all started when I found the shower curtain, rug, handtowels and dish towels (inside the white frames on the wall) on 75% Target Valentines Clearance.  It all came together from there with new towels, shelves to replace the changing table, frames and ending with the trash can on clearance at Walmart yesterday.

Just in case you’re wondering where the monkey came in.  The handtowels have a monkey on them holding a heart.  That was enough to make me think of our Monkey Decor Element!

Thank you for visiting  today!  I hope you’ll leave a comment (with or without) your I Spy score!


  1. The bathroom looks great, Becky! And I adore the monkeys! How cute and perfect for those three little ‘monkeys’ of yours! 🙂 Terrific job!

  2. How cute is this!! I have a garden theme in one of my bathrooms and I freehanded some of the painting…NO I’m not an artist. But with stamps, stencils, paint and other helpful tools it came together quite easily. I used foam stamps (because they were larger) for all the butterflies and dragonflies. I, also, had a regular wood mounted little ladybug stamp I loved. I placed it throughout the whole scene. There were many of them. With the moss, I randomly placed on the birdhouses, it became a whimsical, happy place. When the grandchildren came over, they learned to count and play I Spy with the ladybugs and since they were placed randomly, it was hard for them to remember where they all were. This made bathtime a lot of fun and memorable!

  3. How cute and I found #2 and 3 but when I blew up #1 it was way to fuzzy to see anything clearly. Something in the wastebasket would have really helped. It is adorable and you are so very, very talented. So glad God brought you into my life!

  4. elizabeth tuck

    HI Becky-
    LOVE the bathroom – you did a GREAT job (:

  5. Scout’s honor, I did find all three. It was a process of elimination, so I knew it had to be the trash can! Honestly, I didn’t know what the design was until picture #2. Terrific job!

  6. This was too fun. Although I definitely couldn’t tell for sure, I knew it had to either be something on the trash can or a decorated tissue box cover on the back of the toilet. #2 and 3 were easy to pick out. I must say, I really like your I Spy game – what a great idea!

  7. Very nice!! I love bright colors so this is great!!

  8. Found 2 and 3, but no chance of seeing anything in No. 1!! Very cute room, and as usual your “super shopper” persona came through again! Great job! (Do you hire out as a decorator?) 🙂

  9. Very cute bathroom. Love the bright colors for kids. Great job as always! 🙂

  10. My girls would love this bathroom!

  11. What a great bathroom! I have to admit that I did not see the monkey in the first picture. I did spy him in all the others. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Cliffie Wilson

    I did “find” all 3…but I have to say that I just guessed it was on the trash can (after I eliminated the tissue box)…couldn’t find anything else, so was just guessing it was on the trash can ; D …but did spot the other 2 monkey’s! What a fun post, and a really cute bathroom!

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