Stampin' Up! Heat and Stick Powder Tutorial

I have had two people contact me this week about Heat and Stick powder.  If it wasn’t for the fact that they’re from different states, I’d think they were working together!  Here’s a quick tutorial for you.  I’m sorry I don’t have a completed project using Heat and Stick Powder to show you at the moment but hopefully this will answer your questions.

Heat and Stick step 1Use a Versamark ink pad (or even a craft ink pad if you want a certain color behind the glitter) to stamp the image you want  glittery.  (As with embossing powder, an embossing buddy or dryer sheet rubbed across your cardstock before stamping can help  take away static and decrease stray bits of powder.)


Heat and stick step 2Pour Heat and Stick powder over the stamped image.  (It is always helpful to use a powder pal under you cardstock to catch the access powder.  With its easy open spout it’s simple to pour the powder right back into the container.) 


Heat and stick step 3Tap off the access powder and even feel free to give the back of your cardstock a little flick to make sure it’s off.  You will want to be sure to empty your powder pal before the next step.

Heat and stick step 4Use your heat tool to heat the Heat and Stick Powder.  You want to heat it until the powder turns liquid looking.  You’ll need to continue to the next step rather quickly so read ahead. 





Heat and stick step 5Pour your Dazzling Diamonds or other glitter onto the image while the Heat and Stick powder is still warm.






Heat and Stick step 6You’ll want to heat the image once again to get a firm hold on the glitter.  This should not take more than a couple seconds.  If you hold the heat on there too long the glitter will scorch and it will be visible.





Heat and stick step 7The Dazzling Diamonds tends to be very static charged.  You may want to use a tissue to gently rub across the image to wipe away access glitter.





Heat and stick step 8Here’s a glimpse of what the image looks like in the end.  It’s hard to capture the sparkle of the glitter but hopefully you get the idea.  Use the image as you wish in your project.

The trend right now tends to be toward a lot of sparkle and glitz.  When you have a bold image that you would like to see sparkle, then Heat and Stick Powder is the way to go.


  1. Love your scrapbook pages!!! You do such nice work. I am so pleased to have your art for inspiration. May God bless your family and your Stampin Up business. Sherrill Graff

  2. I’ve had Heat and Stick powder for ages but I have never used it. Now I know how to work with it! I’m thrilled! Thank you for your clear and concise instructions.

  3. Could you tell me if you use this technique on a fabric of the cloth color is anchored and then resist washing?

  4. hi could you help me, where can i buy Heat & Stick powder and Dazzling diamonds from?? I’ve been looking but can’t seem to find it anywhere, if you could help that would be great.
    THANKS 🙂

    • Hi Kerry,

      You can find Heat & Stick Powder on page 180 of the Stampin’ Up! catalog for $4.50 and Dazzling Diamonds is on the same page for $4.50. I can place this order for you if you’d like or you can click on the “shop Stampin’ Up!” button at the top of this page to place an order. If you have any further questions please feel free to contact me.

  5. You rock! You are so very generous with all of your information and techniques. I will be visiting you often. I am a new demonstrator and love to learn new techniques and “borrow” ideas from other talented “artists” like yourself. Hopefully you will help me get my business up and running. Your flowers are absolutely amazing and I really appreciate you sharing the information for free.
    Thanks again.

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