97 Degrees and Falling Fast

97 Degrees and Falling Fast

My boys are turning into Roller Coaster fans!  Micah has loved riding on roller coasters for years, but the other two have been a bit slower in their willingness to try them out.

Now Micah and Ethan are both big fans of Fahrenheit at Hershey Park.  Me, well, I perfectly content to watch and take pictures with my feet firmly planted on solid ground.  I caught these pictures of Micah on Fahrenheit.Fahrenehit Roller Coaster Scrapbook Page

Scrapbook 2-page Layout

Scrapbooking in New Freedom, PA

It’s hard to see in the pictures, but I have the words “97 Degrees & Falling Fast” cut out of white cardstock and adhered around the navy circle.  That was Ethan’s idea since that’s in the description for the ride and on the sign.

I guess now I need to try to get pictures of Ethan on this ride, or one of the many other roller coasters he now enjoys!

We will be making this layout in class.  The design is generic enough that it will work for many different kinds of pictures so you certainly don’t have to use roller coaster pictures for this layout!

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