Adding to the Memories & Why I had to Cancel Class

Adding to the Memories & Why I had to Cancel Class

On Wednesday I took my youngest child to the urgent care to have them look at his hip since he had been limping for a bit.  I really thought he just had a pulled muscle, but he was walking pretty crazy and I thought I’d better get it looked at.

Walking into the office, I had no idea I’d be walking him back out on crutches and we would be heading to the hospital for surgery! X-rays showed the growth plate in his hip was slipping and it needed to be pinned in place ASAP to keep it from slipping more and creating major issues.

Keeping the story short, Ethan had surgery that evening to have a screw placed in his hip to prevent further slippage and bigger problems.  Ethan and I stayed in the hospital Wednesday night and he was able to come home on Thursday.  I did have to cancel the All Occasion Card class at the library on Thursday, and I appreciate the patience of those who were planning to attend.  I will plan to schedule a make-up date once I can get back in the swing of things.  I think I’m more wiped out from the event than Ethan is!

So, I’m not sharing a project today, but I wanted to let you know what happened here.  Needless to say, I did snap some pictures so this can eventually be recorded on a scrapbook page!

Check back tomorrow for a project!


  1. Becky, Thank you for posting “Adding to the Memories & Why I had to Cancel Class ” so that we can all see and share in your Motherly worries and concern for Ethan. I know everyone knows that with children, things happen and I think we as Mothers worry and pray for Ethan’s speedy but careful recovery. It is especially hard when children get laid up in the summer time. We all love you Ethan and know that your Mom is the best Nurse you will ever have. Get well and know that we all love you and your brothers very much. ( :

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