Altered Enjoy Every Chapter Stamp

Altered Enjoy Every Chapter Stamp

Yesterday I shared a very simple card using the Every Chapter stamp set, and then I promised to share a way I have altered that stamp set.

Here is what the stamp looks like:Stampin' Up! Enjoy Every ChapterI decided I wanted to make it possible to use this stamp set a little more broadly for varying occasions.  So, I pulled out a craft knife and cut out the words “I”, “of our”, and “friendship”.  I was very careful in my cutting to make sure I can put these pieces right back into the stamp whenever I want to use them, but I can take them out when I want too.

For this card, I used the altered stamp and then used another stamp to add “Birthday Wishes.”  See what you think.

Enjoy Every Chapter Birthday Card

What do you think?  Does that work well?  Does it add a little variety to this stamp?

I hope you’ll take a look at this stamp if you haven’t before; you just might find it a handy set for your collection!

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