Berry Delightful SAB Designer Paper

Berry Delightful SAB Designer Paper

The Berry Delightful DSP is probably not one I would normally choose to purchase, but I am certainly enjoying it for free!  I especially like the blueberry design.  I have a couple cards I’ve designed with the blueberries, but for today I have a card with one of the Poppy Parade designs.Simple Poppy Parade Card

I used an embellishment that was available in the Holiday Catalog.  What do you think?  It’s simple but still a fun card to receive in the mail, don’t you think?

I really like the ribbon.  We’ve had some similar ribbon in the past, but this is much softer and more workable than the ribbon we had before.

Thank you for coming by to visit today!  It has been so wonderful to have some of you back in class this week!


  1. Oh what a beautiful card you have designed. Could the” Berry Delightful SAB Designer Paper “ card be used for writing letters or is it designed for a special occasion? Thank you for sharing. Stay warm and safe. ( :

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