Big Shot, Vinyl & Tulipe Die

Up and Coming Project

I found three of these on clearance the other day.  They are like cork boards but with no cork, it is a canvas fabric to tack items to.  I thought they were really neat, I had a little Christmas money left and surely I could use them . . . .

Stampin' up! Tulipe Die

I decided to use a Chocolate Chip Decor Elements Vinyl Sheet (see page 7 of the Decor Elements brochure) along with the Tulipe Die for the Big Shot.  It was so easy to cut the vinyl with big Shot and then all I had to do was rub it on!

StampThat Classroom Decor

I placed these on the wall at the bottom of the steps to the basement.  You know, now that I have them decorated and hanging, I’m not sure I want to pin anything to them!  For now I think I’ll leave them the way they are and then maybe I’ll pin something to them later.

So, what do you think?


  1. They are really nice Becky. I would probably do the same thing – leave them up as is. Very elegant. You have so many great ideas! Makes me want to go to Yard Sales and look for bargains on picture frames to play with 🙂

  2. I have to agree that they look nice as is just for decoration, but how handy to have the option of pinning. Or just use stick-notes and you won’t need to make holes.

  3. I love the creativity! You do a great job seeing “blank slates” and creating things with them.

  4. These turned out really nice! I like them just the way they are, no need to pin anything to them! They’re like wonderful pieces of art 😀 Great project!

  5. That’s a great idea!! tfs

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