Decorating Trays in the StampThat Classroom

Surface to be decorated

Yesterday I shared this picture with you.  These are some trays I bought recently at a big box store really close to my house.  I really enjoy trying to look like I’m organized.  Note, I did not say that I am, just that I try to look that way!  Anyway, I liked these trays and they fit perfectly on a shelf I have in the StampThat! classroom.  They sure are plain though aren’t they?

Let’s see what can be done about that . . .

Definitely Decorative Lattice

Here we go!  I used the Definitely Decorative Lattice Decor Elements in black on the trays!  These elements only cost $4.95 each and they do so much to for these trays!  So much fun!  It took me about 10 minutes to do this – and really, it could have been done faster if I wasn’t trying so hard to get them straight (which they’re not).  All I had to do was peel off the backing and rub these on – fast, easy and affordable!

The larger view

Here’s a slightly larger view of the overall picture.  You’ll just have to come and visit the StampThat! classroom to get the whole picture!

So, what do you think?  Have the trays improved?  Leave a quick comment and tell me what you think!

I look forward to PMS Night tonight.  I hope you will plan to join us.  You do not have to RSVP for this event, you’re welcome to just stop in to work on your projects, but if you have time, an RSVP is helpful so I can make sure we have enough pizza.  We wouldn’t want to be short on that!


  1. They look elegant! I must try these now that the 6 calendars are finished. See you tonight with brownies! Yum!

  2. How classy! tfs

  3. Very uptown! And they look straight to me!

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