Designer Series Paper Overhaul

Designer Series Paper Overhaul

Do you have a lot of Designer Series Paper?  Do you manage to keep it nice and neat or does it start to take over?  Mine was in the “take over” stage!  I had a set of shelves but too much paper so it was getting stored in other places and sticking out in unruly fashion . . . and just starting to drive me slightly crazy!  That’s not mentioning the fact that I couldn’t find what I wanted when I would go looking.

Time for an overhaul!   I bit the bullet and bought another set of shelves, and then did the unthinkable . . . I pulled every sheet out and started with all empty shelves.  I really should have gotten a picture of myself on the floor with piles of DSP spread out all around me.I sorted, I put aside a full shoebox of scraps to give to the Preschool teacher (for which she was very happy), I even threw some away (just small or funky shaped pieces – I’m not crazy!) . . .  I put current styles together, I put “specialty” papers together, and finally  . . .

Designer Paper StorageWhat a breath of fresh air!  The top three shelves contain current styles, one shelf contains retired Christmas paper . . . Yay!

If you want to see the shelves like this, you’d better attend a class soon – I’m sure it won’t stay this way too long, but I sure will enjoy it while I can!

It’s a good thing I go this job finished . . . just in time for more new DSP packs to arrive with the UPS man next week!

So today’s project wasn’t a creative project, but it certainly was a practical one for those of us who love to play with paper!  Thank you for taking the time to stop by!


  1. I love the turtles, they are so cute. Thank you for sharing the “Designer Series Paper Overhaul”. I think that you did a super job rearranging the paper. I know it took a lot of time to get everything the way you wanted it. Great job Becky and I will give you an A+ for a job well done. Have a great day. 🙂

  2. And of course you know my first question is….did you label them? I would have to label them because I would never remember which paper is where. Yes, my unit with the drawers has labels on the outside telling me just what paper is in what drawer!!!

    • I’m afraid I would have to answer no. I’m kind of funny about labels. Except for the occasional cutesy label on bins, I really don’t like the look of labels. It’s all about looks with me, not necessarily practicality. . . Silly perhaps, but that’s Becky. 🙂

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