Flourishes Decor Element Storage

File Storage

I recently bought some file storage boxes.  They’re nice boxes but kind of on the plain side so I decided to to buy the Decor Elements Flourishes in black.  Let’s see what that does to the box. . .

Fourishes Decor Elements

Here we are, what do you think?  Within just a few minutes this is what I now have!  Pretty neat aren’t they?  I like the fact that these flourishes match the Baroque Motifs stamp set, and more specifically, the swirly in the stamp set.

These lovely boxes grace the StampThat classroom so you are likely to see them again when you come for a class!  I look forward to the Big Shot Magic class meeting this afternoon!


  1. that def brightens them up!! 🙂 very nice!!

  2. Sharp, Becky! I look forward to seeing them.

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